Council on Aging

Putnam County, OH
336 E. Main St.
Ottawa, OH 45875


The Council on Aging is a nonprofit corporation.  We receive some federal, state and local dollars to provide services to senior citizens.  We don't receive any money from the county general fund or their retirement or anything but we do receive local levy dollars.

The voters have passed a  levy (.4mills) four times since 1988.

The Agency has been in the area for 23 years.  It all started as a result of federal dollars made available in 1965 with the passage of the Older Americans Act by the federal legislators. We are a relatively small agency but we provide thousands of units of service each year to residents who are 60 or older.

These services are given to seniors at no charge to the senior.  We accept donations. At this time these services are about the only services available to that group of residents free of charge to them.  And, until the federal government insists on charging recipients for services and then mandates us to begin "cost sharing" we will provide Transportation, Chore, Outreach, Telephone Reassurance, Information and Referral, Information and Assistance, Kinship Navigator Program, etc., free of charge to the clients. 

We have an exciting future ahead of us.  .  .  We have noticed a very serious need to expand our office work space and our service programs.  With that in mind the board of directors has decided to purchase an existing building in town (former Bellman bldg--1425 East Fourth Street).  We have signed a purchase agreement but have not closed on the deal yet.  We will be doing some major fund raising in the near future.  We have been paying rent (to the commissioners) for 23 years and we realize it's time to grow and take some chances.


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